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Client being taken shopping by carer. Linked arms and in mid conversation.Sunny day, but all wrapped up with coats on and basket in hand. Happy.

We take training very seriously. All staff at Ali Gibson Support are highly skilled.

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Care Certificate Qualifications

As a fast-growing business we have attracted a fantastic team. Our priority is not only taking care of our clients but to ensure our team are continuously supported (both personally and in their profession), highly motivated and feel respected and valued. Our work isn't just "a job", it is what makes us happy in all aspects of our daily lives when making a difference by improving lives for others.

We promote independent living as much as we can.


Whether it is going that extra mile for a client, volunteering in the community or just being at the end of the phone for someone who needs a bit of help, we like to do our best and fulfil all your requirements where we can.

All our staff are subject to CARE CERTIFICATE training, which includes all the 15 modules to operate in the field with the latest standards and safety measures in place. Training happens before we employ a care or support worker, and practical training is done on site. 

Our staff continue to learn on the job and enjoy company supervisions and feedback opportunities at regular intervals to ensure service standards are maintained and any concerns raised dealt with quickly and efficiently where putting staff welfare on a healthy par with client welfare.

Our team are professional individuals in the social care industry,  The Care Certificate training course is mandated at employment stage to ensure that all our staff have the necessary knowledge and qualifications for the care industry,

All our team are encouraged to further their knowledge with NVQ training & development and our team have the opportunity to further 

their career and development within AGS.

We work with Medex Group Training to keep our staff up-to-scratch on Care Certificate modules and Care industry expectations.

The Medex Group

Medex Group Training image with a black nurse and a white elderly lasy linking arms, the nurse having completed her training and now working to support clients.

The 15 basic training modules are: -


1. Understand your role

Individual responsibilities and accountability within care and support roles. Adherence to policies and procedures and company ethos and values.


2. Your Personal development

A personal development ultimately tailored to each staff member plan with support and opportunities for development.


3. Duty of Care

Each carer and support worker must consistently assess and reduce risks when caring for people (including confrontations and whistle-blowing on other staff).

4. Equality & Diversity

People should be treated fairly and as valuable individuals in society. Any differences celebrated. Diversity includes many obvious and less obvious differences which must be respected.

5. Work in a person-centered way

This promotes values to assist with excellent individual, when recognising; individuality, independence, privacy, partnership, choice, dignity, respect and personal rights.

6. Communication

Good communication with clients, their family and support and other staff members is critically essential. Body language and how we word things are very helpful when done well.

7. Privacy & Dignity

This teaches individual staff members to identify situations around the areas of privacy and dignity and where they may be compromised, in order to correct this for clients.

8. Fluids & Nutrition

This focuses on hydration, nutrition and food safety. Supporting patients very well is essential, especially where enabling adequate access to fluids, food and nutrients, in line with requirements specified in the care plan.


9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability

People living with mental health conditions, dementia and learning disability must be supported appropriately with promotion of positive health and well-being.

10. Safeguarding Adults

Provides individual understanding of the principles of safeguarding adults and their best interest. Managing what to do if there is suspected abuse towards an adult and using safeguarding measure to minimalise risk.

11. Safeguarding Children

These are the principles of safeguarding children and protecting their best interests. Care workers must have be completely up-to-date with national minimum training standards for Level 1. Social care workers should have the ability to explain what to do if they suspect child abuse or neglect.

12. Basic life support

This gives the individual complete training in basic life support in line with the UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

13. Health & Safety

Studies in risk assessment, moving and assisting people and objects safely, procedural knowledge in cases of sudden illnesses and accidents, handling hazardous substances, administering medication and managing stress and potential causes of stress.

14. Handling information

The fourteenth standard covers the principles of handling information including receiving, recording and storing of accurate and legal documentation.

15. Infection prevention & control

The fifteenth care standard demonstrates the main ways an infection enters the body. Individuals will gain an understanding of how their own health or hygiene might pose a risk to others they support or work with. Further details are given about the principles of safe handling of clinical waste.

A few of these are annual refresher requirements, including GDPR training, to protect all data processed in care services.

Ali Gibson Support was registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) in October 2020 and is expecting a CQC inspection anytime soon. 

From university degrees to a vast array of other work specialisms and experiences, we can be sure that all out staff have completed the full care certificate training.  Regular refresher courses are mandated by ourselves to ensure adequate safeguarding, handling and care is taken for our vulnerable clientele and for health & safety purposes, amongst others.

Our middle and senior management are trained through several affiliate training agencies, as well as in-house for practicals, where relevant. NVQ Levels up to 5 are offered by our company to all staff members, free of charge,

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